The Professional and Scientific Foundation of Nursing 050E11-2

Course Objectives

The student will:

Be able to apply scientific nursing knowledge

Have knowledge of carrying out R&D work in practice

Have an understanding of the nurse’s responsibility regarding professional development and research

Be aware of the importance of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental cooperation in the practice of one’s own’s profession

Course Description

Course unit 11A: The Discipline of Nursing and its Function – Nursing’s History and Tradition

Nursing’s philosophy and its moral foundation; tradition and social framework conditions in the field of tension between calling, woman’s role and science.

Responsibilities, expectations and social changes.

The history of psychiatry.

Globalisation and international health challenges.

Course unit 11B: Professional Development and Research in Nursing

Scientific theory and research methods in nursing.

Evaluation of research literature in nursing.

Application of research-based knowledge in nursing.

Quality and development of quality in mental health work and the municipal health service.

Course unit 11C: Theories and Models for the Discipline of Nursing and Function

Theoretical approaches in nursing.

Analysis of various models and theories in nursing and their relevance for nursing in the municipal health service.

The various functions of the nurse in mental health work and the municipal health service.

Course unit 11D: Ethics III

Competence in ethics.

Ethics, health service and society.

Ethical dilemmas in the practice of nursing in the municipal health service, mental health work and international health work.

Learning Methods

Classroom teaching and group work.

Assessment Methods

050E11-1 BAC

The professional and scientific foundation of nursing

Bachelor's thesis

Group project with individual oral examination. 3-5 students per group.

The examination will be assessed with a graded mark (12 ECTS).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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