Master's Thesis FMH606

Course Objectives

Through the thesis the student will acquire experience and knowledge with regard to individual, scientific work. The student will also develop a thorough understanding of a selected topic relevant to the course of study.

Course Description

The thesis should incorporate an experimental and/or theoretical topic. The work is to be carried out on an individual basis, even when more than one student works on the same or related topics. Assignments are suggested by the tutors (researchers). Students have the opportunity to suggest topics in which they are interested. Where this is the case, the tutor will still have to author the assignment texts. The Master's thesis may be pursued at a co-operating institute or enterprise in Norway or abroad. The work should be documented in a report using the English language.

Learning Methods

The work is to be carried out as would have been done in a real-life work situation where the project model is used, and the format of the activity is guided self-study. Each student will be assigned a tutor from the college and if possible a co-tutor from industry.

Assessment Methods

The thesis is assessed and awarded a grade based on the student’s written report.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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