Sensor Technology and Instrumentation SCE1206

Course Objectives

Learn basic knowledge about process monitoring systems based on sensor devices and interconnection of sub devices. Understand different sensor measurement principles, conversion of analog values to digital representations, and sensor device specifications.

Course Description

The course gives an introduction for planning and documenting experiments, an overview of devices and modules used in process monitoring systems, the meaning of different sensor device properties, and sensor measurement principles. The overview of monitoring systems includes signal conditions, DAQ systems, discrete sampling, statistical analysis, basic sensor data fusion, and calibration. The sensor measurements include principles for electrical, magnetic, capacitive and solid mechanical quantities, pressure, temperature, light, flow, level, interface and density. An introduction to instrumentation of an industrial plant.

Learning Methods

Lectures and mandatory assignments.

Assessment Methods

The mandatory assignments count 40% and an individual written final test counts 60% of the final grade. The course has three mandatory assignments. All mandatory assignments and the final test must be passed to get a final grade better than F. No study aids are permitted on the final test.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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