Mathematics Y1 FY1007

Course Objectives

Knowledge of basic rules of arithmetic and algebra.

Be able to solve a variety of equations and inequalities

Have an understanding of trigonometry and geometry

Be able to analyse the functions of a plane, among others things by using derivation

Understand the limits and continuity.

Understand differentiation, be able to differentiate polynomial functions and use the product and resiprocal rule

The course will provide students with a foundation that will enable them to progress with the course Mathematics Y2.

Course Description

Arithmetic and algebra: Calculation of fractions, parenthesis rules, factorisation, integer and rational exponents, square root expressions.

Equations and inequalities: First degree and quadratic equations with 1 and 2 unknowns, equation systems with several unknowns, equations of the third and fourth degree, factorisation of polynomials, factorisation of polynomials, polynomial division, irrational equations, sign schemes, single and double inequalities of the first and second degree.

Trigonometry and geometry: Definition of trigonometrical functions of angles less than 180˚, triangle calculations, area calculation rules, sine and cosine rules, calculation of area and volume, peripheral and central angles.

Functions: Linear functions, equation for a straight line, proportionality, reversed proportionality, second-degree functions, rational functions; exponential, logaritmic, trigonometric and implicate functions.

Limits and asymptotes. Find limits and asymptotes. Discuss continuity of functions.

Learning Methods

5 hours of lectures and 5 hours exercises per week.

Assessment Methods

Two written mid-term tests which count for 50% and a written final examination (4 hours) which counts 50%. All tests are devided in two parts, one with and one without facilities. Both mid-term tests or the final examination must receive passing marks in order to receive a passing mark for the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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