Technical English FY2107

Course Objectives

Students will improve their skills in oral and written English for vocational purposes, within various cultural contexts, and at different levels. They will expand their technical and general vocabulary and grammatical/stylistic skills while studying technical and other relevant texts. Students will become more confident in their ability to use both spoken and written English in professional situations. They will improve their ability to distinguish between written and spoken forms of expression.

Course Description

Technical reports and business correspondence with an emphasis on formalities, ethics, style and target group-analysis. The formulation and interpretation of various types of documents, presentation techniques, and selected grammatical and stylistic problems. Practicing oral presentation is an important part of the course.

Learning Methods

Lectures, written exercises for both individuals and groups, and oral presentations.

Assessment Methods

Written assignments, presentations and small exams/test (40%) and written final examination (60%).
The final examination has to be passed to obtain a final grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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