Transport Processes PEF1110

Course Objectives

Get a systematic overview of material, energy and momentum balance equations and transfer rate equations (transport processes). Be able to use these equations for dimensioning of pipes, pumps and heat exchangers.

Course Description

Thermal conduction. Internal and external forced convection. Thermal radiation. Heat exchangers. Mass diffusion. Free convection. Boiling and condensation. Dimensional analysis. Dimensioning of cylinder walls. Powder transport and characteristics.

Learning Methods

Lectures, exercises, laboratory work, assignments.

Assessment Methods

The final test counts 60 %; the mid-term test counts 25 %; the assignment counts 15 %. Grades A-F are used. To pass the course, the final test must be passed. The laboratory work is mandatory and given on a pass/fail basis. To pass the course, the lab work must be passed.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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