Grammar and Pragmatics 2119

Course Objectives

Students will acquire knowledge of morphology, syntax and grammatical analysis, and they should be familiar with the prevailing language standards for written nynorsk and bokmål. Further, they should gain insight into language structures at the text level to enable them to describe the language used in communicative situations. They will also gain knowledge of the Norwegian language system considered in a contrastive perspective.

Course Description

Norwegian language structure (morphology and syntax) and language used for communicative purposes..

Learning Methods

Autumn semester, 7 hours per week for a period of 15 weeks. Lectures, seminars and group practice.

The course is part of the Bachelor degree Literature and Language specialisation in Norwegian, as well as the Norwegian, 1-year Programme of study. The course is obligatory for students who wish to gain teaching competence in Norwegian in primary and secondary schools.

Assessment Methods

2-hour test in elementary knowledge of language, in which students must gain a passing mark before being permitted to take the final examination. Obligatory exercises will also be given, which must be approved before the final examination.

Individual home assignment of roughly 4000 words in pragmatics and text analysis, which counts for 40 %. 5-hour final examination which counts for 60 %. Students must achieve passing marks in both the home assignment and the final examination. Both the assignment and the examination must be written in bokmål.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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