System Administration 5624

Course Objectives

The students will acquire theoretical insight into the organization and management of IT environments. There is an emphasis on how IT is an important part of organizations and how standards and service methodology (ITIL) are important tools in this work.

Course Description

• Data security, estimation of threats and dangers.
• Laws and regulations.
• Safety related standards.
• Risk management and risk analysis.
• Organisation and management of safety.
• Physical and operating conditions.
• Contingency Planning.
• Service Management (ITIL)
• Digital network.
• Authorization and authorization control.
• The safety of carrying mustache and mobile computing.
• Encryption and digital signatures.
• Protection against external attack.
• Operation and operating systems.
• Grading of information - selective protection.
• ITIL V3 Service Management.

Learning Methods

6-7 hours lecture / supervision per week during the spring semester. There will be emphasis on the use of cases.

Assessment Methods

Along the way evaluation in the form of mandatory tasks that must be approved before it can go up to the individual, 5-hour written exam.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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