Music 1, autumn MUS 101

Learning outcome

(Please refer to the course description Music 1 30 ECTS credits for complete description)
After completing studies in Music 1 the student will have acquired expertise in the following main areas of the subject music:
A. Music theory / ear training
B. Playing (piano or guitar) and singing
The student will also work with a song repertoire that he/she can perform and use with pupils.
C. Dance and movement
D. Composition
E. Listening and music history
F. Music pedagogical knowledge and reflection

Course Objectives

The study programme will provide students with improved skills and increased self-confidence when using music in a professional context.

(“Course objectives” has been replaced by “learning outcome”)

Course Description

Emphasis will be placed on leadership and facilitating practical music activities and pedagogical reflection. The study programme includes instrumental training, singing, planning and implementation of school / nursery concerts and musical collaboration in various contexts.

Learning Methods

As a subject, music involves many group-dynamic processes, and student attendance is therefore important.

Most of the teaching will be organised as seminars, though some themes will be organised as compulsory courses (band instruments, percussion instruments, dance and movement). Singing and piano instruction will be given in groups.

The semester plan provides information concerning compulsory attendance, for instance concert attendance.

Simple use of ICT/Midi technology will be a relevant working method in some contexts. Information and assignments will mainly be distributed to the students via Fronter.

Assessment Methods

For information on assessments, please refer to the course description for Music 1, 30 ECTS.

Music 101 (autumn) has some course requirements that are assessed on a pass / fail basis, and cover 15 ECTS:

  • Tests in music theory and ear training skills
  • Tests in two of the following courses: ensemble playing, percussion and dance
  • Three submitted assignments in composition/arranging (“Work Portfolio”)

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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