Wood and Metal: Design and Product Development 924DEPR

Learning outcome

The various courses in the study programme have their own target areas and specific content and subject matter related to these. However, the target areas of one course may illuminate the target areas of another. Key topics may be discussed several times using different approaches, and the structure of the studies does not hinder an examination of topics that cross several areas.

The student will be able to:

  • Create two or more products in wood and metal with a focus on design and product development.
  • Analyse their products and the products of others in the field.
  • Alternate between traditional and contemporary designs, both nationally and internationally, with an evaluative and analytical approach as a basis for creating their own products.
  • Analyse and evaluate based on knowledge of important aesthetic theories, form, colour and material properties.
  • Maintain an awareness of the interaction between materials, tools, techniques and the desired function and expression of form.
  • Reflect upon and explain how their work and the work of others functions visually and physically in the contexts they are intended for or placed in.
  • Reflect on and make decisions with respect to the social aspects of design and production, such as the consequences of resource use for the environment.
  • Master form and proportion, and display the ability to dimension.
  • Use colours as a factor that influences form in working with three-dimensional forms.

Course Description

The course focuses on systematic and problem-based design and product development. Through formal, theoretical and practical processes, students will gain further expertise in working with wood and metal from a design and product development perspective. Development of analytical abilities and practical skills will also be focused on. The assignments aim to provide students with greater knowledge of the subject, and a broader perspective with regard to their own creative activity

The course builds on the course: 924 MRT Materials, Tools and Techniques (10 ECTS).

Design and product development involves working with projects based on one or more of areas such as:

Furniture design: Furniture is a main product area in working with wood and is divided into two main categories: storage and freestanding.

Small object design: Concerns other smaller product categories made out of wood or metal.

Jewellery design: The main work is with jewellery in the broad sense of the term.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching will mainly take place in classrooms and the wood and metal workshop, and will consist of lectures, demonstrations, seminars, study groups and individual work with exercises and assignments. In addition to the joint teaching, supervision will be given individually and in groups. Teaching takes place in parallel with assignments and includes an introduction to practical and formal subject areas, and lectures in subject theory. The interaction between creativity, theory and reflection is an important part of the course. Students are expected to devote considerable effort to studying.

Assessment Methods

Assessment will be carried out on the basis of one or more submitted portfolio assignments.

The response(s) will consist of practical aesthetic work, relevant documentation and theoretical material, as well a written report with the usual requirements for report writing and presented as a whole.

All assignments and / or course requirements must be completed, submitted and evaluated as passed before stipulated deadlines as indicated in the semester plan / year-plan / timetable, before a final passing grade can be given for the course.

A final grade will be given on a scale from A to F, where A is the highest and E the lowest passing grade.

Please refer to Telemark University College Examination Regulations for more information.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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