Artistic Expression using Textiles 966TEK

Learning outcome

The students will be able to:

  • Use and be inspired by “non textile” topics and use these in their own work processes.
  • Explore different textures / surfaces and understand the significance of surface qualities in relation to artistic expression.
  • Demonstrate the ability to build on past experiences and expand their knowledge and skills through their own work.
  • Use textiles in various artistic expressions.
  • Keep abreast of contemporary art with a special focus on textiles.
  • Relate theory to the practical creative work, and document work processes and products.
  • Present their work and that of other students in exhibitions and other contexts.

Course Description

The course will concentrate on varied and experimental methods and the use of textiles. Assignments will vary from year to year and may include various forms of artistic expression such as: installations, sculptures, images, clothes etc.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Instruction will mainly be given in the classroom and the textiles workshop, and includes lectures, demonstrations, seminars, and tutorials. Students are expected to put in considerable effort in the workshop, where work with textiles will require confidence and practice.

Assessment Methods

Students must submit a portfolio which will include a process description, study of material, reflection and presentation of a product.

A grade will be given from A to F, where E is the lowest passing grade.

Please refer to Telemark University College Examination Regulations for more information.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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