An Interdisciplinary, Psychosocial Approach to Mental Health Care 982HEMN2

Course Description

Course unit 4: Development and Practice of Professional and Personal Skills

Duration: 3rd and 4th semesters

Course objectives:

Upon completion of the course unit, the student will:

  • recognise the significance of relationships to good professional performance.
  • be aware of the importance of nursing in the development and practice of good psychosocial work.
  • have developed interdisciplinary competence within psychosocial work.
  • be able to plan, carry out and evaluate the services offered to users of the mental health services.
  • be able to evaluate his/her own practical experience from the aspect of ethical and professional principles.
  • Be able to communicate in writing professional insight and experience

Teaching and learning methods:

Clinical studies, lectures, role-play, seminars, self-study.

  • Individual written scientific article
  • Specified work assignments in connection with 10 weeks of clinical studies


The course unit builds on the background knowledge and experience which was presented in major course unit I and examines it in within a psychosocial framework. The course unit involves clinical work in which the student’s accumulated theoretical understanding and professional reflections will be applied to specific situations. The emphasis will be on the student’s ability to make decisions, relate and cooperate in encounters with users, relatives and professional co-workers. The course unit also will stress the written mediation of knowledge acquired through practical experience as a method of advancing professional insight.

1. Locally-based mental health work

2. Institution-based mental health work

3. Mental health work and professional, organisational, personal and ethical dilemmas

4. Various therapeutic approaches and treatment methods

Assessment methods:

Programme requirement 5:

Course code: 982HEMN2 ST5

Written professional contribution

Critical analysis of subject and research articles and writing an individual scientific article.

Length of article 2500 words. The response is evaluated according to the current grading system, and counts for 40 % of the cumulative grade for major course unit II. 12 ECTS.

Programme requirement 6 A, B and C:

Course code: 982HEMN2 ST6

Clinical studies

Definition of personal learning objectives

Mid-study report/reflection paper

Presentation, role-play and adaptation of a clinical experience

Course unit 5: Theoretical Foundation and Professional Development in Psychosocial Work.

Duration: 3rd and 4th semesters

Course objectives:

Upon completing the course unit, the student will:

  • be able to systematise, document and analyse various sources of information
  • have an understanding of scientific theory, methodology and research planning
  • be able to apply scientific methods to advance the profession
  • be aware of ethical research challenges presented by professional development work

Teaching and learning methods:

Project work, seminars, lectures, presentations

- Project work – from defining the problems to reports on self-chosen topics

- Presentation of project outline and project report in plenary


The course unit is based on the growth and development of psychosocial work. In this unit, an outline of psychosocial thought and work methodology is presented. Professional development and understanding are fundamental. The course unit will present the theoretical scientific and methodical material necessary for carrying out professional development work under supervision.

1. The background and evolution of psychosocial work

2. Project work and scientific methods

3. Individual professional progress within mental health work

Assessment methods:

Programme requirement 7

Course code: 982HEMN2 ST7

Project outline

Define a topic for the project, problem approach, method and research field for the final project examination

Programme requirement 8

Course code: 982HEMN2 ST8

Project examination

The project is the final examination and will embody the knowledge which has been acquired through the entire programme. The article should be 10,500 words in length. The response will be evaluated according to the current grade scale, and will count for 60% of the collective grade for major course unit II.

18 ECTS.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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