Master's Thesis FMH606

Learning outcome

A candidate who has passed the course should have a learning outcome in the form of acquired knowledge, skills, and general competence, as described below.


The candidate:

  • has a thorough understanding of a selected topic relevant to the MSc programme
  • knows how to execute a time-limited individual scientific work task


The candidate:

  • is able to analyze and propose solutions to different types of technical challenges based on fundamental, advanced and specialized knowledge
  • is able to plan and call for project meetings, to chair project meetings, and to write minutes of meetings – in accordance with established project routines
  • is able to plan the execution of a technical project by establishing a time schedule of the project, using Gantt diagrams or similar aids
  • is able to search, analyze and critically review different sources of information, and is able to use such information in structuring and formulating technical problem descriptions and project goals
  • is able to apply universally accepted methods of citation and referencing of scientific sources
  • is able to work safely in laboratories, in accordance with HES (Health-Environment-Safety) procedures, in projects involving laboratory work
  • is able to structure and write a thesis in agreement with established standards and templates

General competence

The candidate:

  • is able to analyze topics in an ethical context
  • is able to solve advanced tasks also in new areas by applying acquired knowledge and skills in a creative thinking processes

Course Description

The main thesis should incorporate an experimental and/or theoretical topic. The work is to be carried out on an individual basis. The Master's thesis may be pursued at a co-operating institute or enterprise in Norway or abroad. The work should be documented in a thesis using the English language.

Assessment Methods

The thesis is assessed and awarded a grade based on the student’s written report. The thesis will measure knowledge, skills and general competence.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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