Sensor Technology and Instrumentation SCE1206

Learning outcome

A candidate who has completed the course will have a learning outcome in the form of acquired knowledge, skills, and general competence as described below.


The candidate will be able to:

  • describe how to plan and document experiments,
  • describe the building blocks of a data acquisition system,
  • explain the signal conversion of a data acquisition system,
  • explain measurement principles for different sensor technologies.


The candidate will be able to:

  • plan and document experiments,
  • design a DAQ system,
  • select a measurement principle and sensor device.

General competence

The candidate will be able to communicate acquired knowledge in specific subtopics via technical report writing.

Course Description

The course gives an introduction for planning and documenting experiments, an overview of devices and modules used in process monitoring systems, the meaning of different sensor device properties, introduction of actuators, and sensor measurement principles. The overview of monitoring systems includes signal condition, DAQ systems, discrete sampling, data analysis with focus on measured data and sensor calibration. The sensor measurement principles include examples for electrical, magnetic, capacitive and solid mechanical, pressure, temperature, light, flow, level and interface, and density quantities.

Assessment Methods

A set of mandatory assignments count 40% and an individual written final test counts 60% of the final grade. Grades A to F are used. The course has three mandatory assignments. All mandatory assignments and the final test must be passed to get a final grade better than F.

No study aids are permitted on the final test.

The assignments and the final test are used to assess knowledge and skills. The assignments are also used to assess general competence.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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