Chemical Gas Processing PEF4008

Learning outcome

A candidate who has passed the course will have a learning outcome in the form of acquired knowledge, skills, and general competence, as described below.


The candidate:

  • knows the basic chemical, catalytic, thermodynamic, kinetic and reaction engineering background to chemical gas conversion
  • knows the current research frontier of chemical gas conversion processes


The candidate:

  • is able to analyze current available technology as well as the corresponding research frontiers

General competence

The candidate:

  • masters the terminology used and is able to communicate acquired knowledge in the area of gas processing orally and via use of modern visualization tools

Course Description

  • Basic concepts in catalysis
  • Overview of catalyst characterisation, catalyst preparation and reactor technology
  • Review of natural gas conversion chemistry
  • Review of current industrial natural gas purification and conversion processes
  • Future developments in natural gas conversion chemistry and process development
  • Project work to identify the status of technology, the critical issues and propose solutions

Teaching and Learning Methods

The course content will be presented to the student through lectures, facilitating knowledge. The project assignment shall train the student to acquire the skills and general competance specified above through project work.

Assessment Methods

The project work must be approved to take the final examination.
Project work counts for 30%, and an individual written final examination counts for 70% of the final grade.
Students must pass the final examination in order to receive a final grade better than F.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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