Master’s Thesis 1304

Course Description

Three group meetings of 2 hours duration every semester. Roughly 25 hours of supervision.
The student should plan, carry out and report on an independent study under supervision. The choice of thesis subject should take into consideration the teaching and supervisory competence of the university college, and students will be encouraged to relate their work to the ongoing research at the institution. The Master’s Thesis should have as its starting point scientific research in the field of sport, education or outdoor life, and should be related to the respective specialisation courses. The defining of the problem for the Master’s Thesis and the writing process should be commenced as soon as possible.

Assessment Methods

The thesis will be evaluated and the grade will be calculated after a consideration of its content as well as the public defence of the thesis. The assessment committee consists of three persons: the main supervisor, an internal and an external examiner.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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