Theoretical and Methodological Specialisation 1307

Course Description

Part 1. Research theory

The theme of man’s physical nature comprises a very broad and complex problem area related to basic philosophical questions, and to a variety of specialist disciplines in science, social sciences and the humanities. The following theoretical perspectives from various research traditions include:

  • The meaning of ‘body, soul and consciousness’
  • The body: experiences and learning
  • Knowledge through action and reflexive thinking
  • The body as a product of evolution and the socio-cultural body
  • The body as a vehicle for experience, meaning and communication
  • Gender and the body
  • The body, processuality, various aspects
  • The encounter between the individual and the body-related institutions of society, such as physical education, outdoor life and sport
  • The body and health in a social perspective

Part 2. Methodology

Students will choose two of four lecture series for the following courses in methods:

  • Observation, fieldwork and interviews
  • Quantitative methods, measurement and statistics
  • Experimental methods and intervention studies
  • Document, image and discourse analysis

Assessment Methods

Essay. Graded marks, external assessment.
Students must have fulfilled the compulsory attendance requirement (75%) for the exam to be approved.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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