Applications in Water Science 4323

Learning outcome

After completing the course, the students should have the following qualifications regarding knowledge, skills, and general competence:

* In depth knowledge of the use and management of water resources both surface water and ground water.
* Be familiar with international / national legislation, key actors and their responsibilities within the water management
* In depth knowledge of the EU Framework Directive and issues related to implementation of the Directive.
* Be able to handle freshwater problems at a high level of skill.

Course Description

The content of the course will focus on central water topics in the community, both related to the international freshwater situation and more local problems. One year it can be a course in ground water modelling, another year a course in water management and implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. The students can handle actual water problems on a high level of skill.

I the end of the course the students should write a report (in groups) about the water topic in focus this year.

Assessment Methods

At the end of the semester the students shall hand in a project work (in groups) of the actual topic. It will be evaluated with the common grade scale from A to F and counts 100%.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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