Ecological Methods 4311

Learning outcome

After completing the course, the students should have the following qualifications regarding knowledge, skills, and general competence:

  • be familiar with many different applications of various scientific ecological methods used in the field and in the laboratory
  • can plan and execute different field and laboratory work, and to write and present the scientific findings
  • can communicate research topics orally and in writing

Course Description

Key theme:

  • participation in field and/or laboratory work on research projects, or analyses of previously collected data using established ecological techniques
  • familiarization with different field and/or laboratory ecological methods
  • write a report from the chosen topic/project with references to relevant scientific literature

Assessment Methods

A draft of the introduction and the method sections will be submitted to the teacher(s) half way through the semester. A final written report will be submitted at the end of the semester and also presented orally for the class and teachers. The course grade will be given on the basis of the submitted research report and the oral presentation.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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