Ecotourism Theories and Concepts 4507

Course Description

Principal themes in the programme:

  • History of ecotourism development, international processes and trends
  • Definitions of the concepts of ecotourism
  • Ecological issues and environmental philosophy and ethics
  • Cultural assets and authenticity
  • Economic issue with a focus on local benefits

Developing ecotourism requires a good understanding of the challenges that appear in the context of responsible and sustainable tourism, and in relation to tourism in general. The ability to contextualise ecotourism is important. This course will therefore provide insight into and a better understanding of how ecotourism might be defined and how it relates to concepts such as environmental awareness, sustainability, social responsibility and economic profits.

Assessment Methods

Assessment is divided into two parts: a mid-term paper with oral presentation will form 40% of the final grade. The other 60% will be based on a 4-hour final written examination. Students must pass both parts in order to receive a passing grade for the course as a whole.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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