Student Enterprise FB5112

Learning outcome

After successfully completing the course, the candidate will have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence.


- Acquired in the course FBV5312


The candidate is able to:

  • Further develop a business plan and draw up an annual report
  • Develop a product or technical service
  • Market the service or product
  • Prepare budgets and carry out financial management
  • Close an enterprise

General competence

The candidate is able to:

  • Further develop networks
  • Organize tasks and work together with other students to carry out a project
  • Describe the work done in a written report and oral presentation
  • Understand the interdisciplinary connection between the economy, society and technology

Course Description

The student enterprise is a project-oriented task which is carried out in groups. The students will integrate previously acquired knowledge.

The enterprise can be interdisciplinary and can include students from other programmes or faculties.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • The learning outcomes are ensured through a combination of seminars, group work and regular meetings with the supervisor.
  • The student enterprise is an experience-based learning method in which the students should be active in acquiring new knowledge.
  • Through the student enterprise students will be able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Assessment Methods

The course will be assessed on the basis of the business plan, business processes, reports, websites, presentations and an oral examination.

An individual grade will be awarded to each student (A-F).

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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