Software Development and Documentation IA4412

Learning outcome

After successfully completing the course, the candidate will have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence.


The candidate can:

  • Identify and explain the elements included in documenting an automation system
  • Explain and illustrate methods for software development
  • Explain and illustrate the phases of software development
  • Explain roles in a software development process that involves working within and across teams


The candidate:

  • Can using a computer to present the documentation for an automation system
  • Can analyze, plan, implement and document a software development project
  • Masters the use of methods and tools related to analysis, design, source code control and testing of source codes
  • Can work in teams and collaborate on software development for an automation system

General competence

The candidate:

  • Is able to participate in development work which includes interdisciplinarity and the need for combining individual work, group work and team collaboration
  • Can read and understand, and develop engineering documentation

Course Description

The course is divided into two parts: one part focuses on the documentation of automation systems and the other part focuses on software development processes. These two parts are integrated in project work, where students work with software development for an automation system.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Introductory lectures focus on relevant topics; the main focus is on learning through group project work.

Assessment Methods

Theory examination 30%. Group project 70% (35% project report and 35% for individual presentation and examination).

Students must receive passing grades (lowest passing grade E) in both the examination and the project work in order to be awarded a passing grade for the course. Individual final grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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