Fantastic Literature for International Students 2626

Learning outcome

  • Knowledge of fantastic literature, particularly Norwegian and Nordic; historical background. Theoretical knowledge of the field of study.
  • Skills in writing expository and argumentative texts on fantastic literature.
  • Expertise in instructing pupils and other groups on fantastic literature.

Course Description

Students will read a selection of works and texts spanning from the Middle Ages to modern times, representing different forms of fantastic literature, as well as a selection of theoretical literature related to the subject area.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Instruction will be given in the autumn semester: 2 hours weekly for 15 weeks. Lectures and seminars. The course is part of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Language and Literature (specialization in Norwegian).

Assessment Methods

Individual take-home coursework assignment, ca. 2500 words, which counts for 40% of the final course grade, and a 5-hour written examination, which counts for 60%. Students must receive passing grades in both of the above before they can be awarded a passing grade in the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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