English for Exchange Students 6050

Learning outcome

After successfully completing the course, the candidate will have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


  • Written and verbal communication in English
  • Effective communication in the business world and international environments
  • Business English, and knowledge of the contexts in which Business English is used
  • Social and cultural conditions in English-speaking countries


  • Written and verbal communication in English
  • Ability to write on topics in relation to effective communication
  • Ability to express opinions and discuss ethical issues in English on the basis of syllabus texts
  • Ability to develop professional business documents

General competence:

  • Written and verbal communication in English in work-related and international contexts

Course Description

The course will focus mainly on written activities in English. The spring curriculum includes topics such as: Email for business purposes; business documents including letters, press releases, and reports; modern media communication; visual communication; corporate identity and organizational communication; and promotions and exhibitions.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Instruction is given in the spring semester in the form of lectures, group work, individual and group assignments, oral presentations, email communication, case-studies and discussions.

Assessment Methods

Grade portfolio consisting of 4-5 mandatory assignments (counts for 20% of the course grade). The final written examination counts for 80% of the course grade. Students must receive passing grades on all assessed work in order to receive a final passing grade for the course. Letter grades from A-F will be used, where E represents the lowest passing grade, and F a failing grade.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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