Organisation II 5201

Course Description

The content of 5212 Organisation I and 5201 Organisation II represents an integrated subject. However, in the programme of study, the subject is divided into two independent courses.

Organisation II includes 3 course units:

Course unit 3: Managing an organisation


  • Mandates
  • Partners, strategic options, alliances and networks
  • Power and cooperation
  • Conflicts, negotiations and solutions
  • Ethical guidelines in the workplace
  • Control
  • Decision-making processes
  • Leadership, leader-behaviour and situation-dependent leadership

Course unit 4: Groups and teams in an organisation


  • Various types of groups
  • Group structures
  • How people are influenced by groups they work with
  • Teamwork
  • Leading groups
  • Conflict and solutions in groups

Course unit 5: Developing an organisation


  • How organisations learn
  • Processes of innovation and adaptation
  • Crisis in organisations
  • Competence-development
  • Leader-development
  • Workplace development

Learning Methods

3-4 hours of lectures per week during the autumn semester.

Assessment Methods

The progress of the students with respect to the subject material will be documented by their responses to a set of assignments based on the course units 3, 4 and 5. The students will work on the assignments in groups. The results from the various groups will be submitted to the course instructor for assessment at different points during the semester. The individual assignments may be awarded different values in the assessment. The students will be informed of the value of the each assignment. Within each group, all of the participants who have taken part in at least 80% of the group work will be credited with the portfolio grade achieved by the group. The students are required to collect their answers in this portfolio, which they hand in to the subject teacher for evaluation during the semester. The portfolio will contain several assignments of different importance as regards the assessment. The portfolio grade will, in turn, count for 40% of the final grade. The course will end with a final individual written 3 hour examination, which will count for 60% of the final grade. Students must receive passing grades on all of the assessments.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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