Organisation I 5212

Course Description

The content of 5212 Organisation I and 5201 Organisation II represent an integrated whole. In the programme of study, the subject is divided into two separate courses.
Organisation I contains 2 course units:

Course unit 1:

How to study organisations
How to work with cases
Business organisation
Various principles in the structuring of an organisation

  • Why organisations exist
  • Relations which create internal structures
  • Optimal organisation planning
  • Tasks, technology, goals and efficiency in organisations
  • Goal-setting processes

Course unit 2:

The individual within the organisation
Theories on how people:

  • experience and interpret situations (perception theory)
  • think and learn (cognitive theory)
  • are motivated (motivation theory)
  • are governed by their own and others’ expectations (role theory)
  • develop values and attitudes
  • develop their own personalities
  • communicate
  • develop job-related satisfaction and master adversity

Learning Methods

3-4 hours of instruction per week during the spring semester.

Assessment Methods

The progress of the students with respect to the subject material will be documented by responding to a set of questions from course units 1 and 2. Students will work in groups to answer the questions. The results from the various groups will be submitted to the course instructor for assessment at different points during the semester. The individual problems may be awarded different values in the assessment. The students will be informed of the value of the work which is submitted. All of the participants who have taken part in at least 80% of the group work will be credited with the portfolio grade achieved by the group. The portfolio grade will, in turn, count for 40% of the final grade. The course will end with a final, individual 3-hour written examination, which will count for 60% of the final grade. Students must receive passing marks on all the assessments during the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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