5901 Spanish

Course Objectives

Students will learn Spanish and acquire knowledge of Spanish culture equivalent to the level taught at upper secondary schools (B-language). The course will provide students with basic insight into historical, cultural, political and social aspects in Spain and Latin America.

The course is aimed at tourism and international marketing students, as well as others who wish to acquire basic oral and written skills in Spanish.

Course Description

The students will learn to understand and interpret the content of various types of written and oral texts. The course emphasises oral communicative competence and focuses on discussions and conversation practice in groups, as well as grammar and written exercises.

Learning Methods

4 hours of lectures per week in the autumn and spring semesters. Lectures, group work, individual preparation and voluntary submission of assignments, oral presentations, translation exercises and conversation practice.

Assessment Methods

1 written and 1 oral examination during the spring semester which count for 50 % each. Students must receive passing marks on all parts of the assessment.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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