Bio Computer Science 4315

Course Objectives

The students will acquire insight into the use of modern protein- and DNA-sequence information in applied and theoretical biology. In recent years, there has been a formidable increase in available biological information, particularly that associated with protein- and DNA- sequence information. New organisms are constantly being mapped, leading to better understanding in many related fields, such as evolutionary biology, bio-medicine, protein chemistry and cell biology. Much new information has become available through extensive international databases. Bio Computer Science is the combination of computer science and biological information.

Course Description

Central themes:

  • Comparison of sequence information
  • The systematics of sequences
  • Structure-function analyses
  • Evolutionary biology and similar topics, viewed from a biological perspective

Learning Methods

60 hours of lectures and practice in the computer laboratory

Assessment Methods

Grades will be given for one oral presentation (25% of final grade), one written assignment (25% of final grade) and a final written exam (3 hours; 50% of final grade). All of these assignments must receive passing grades.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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