1002 Sport and Pedagogy

Course Objectives

The course will provide students with the necessary tools to evaluate pedagogical theory and practice relating to sport. Students will gain an understanding of upbringing, teaching and the mediation of values in a sport-pedagogy context. They will also learn how to plan, organise, carry out and evaluate their own teaching. They will be encouraged to develop an analytical and critical attitude towards their own pedagogical activities.

Course Description

The primary aim of the course is to shed light on ‘the pedagogical method in the didactic universe’. Topics include:
• Views on humanity and teaching
• Teaching-practice subject didactics, theory and practice, organisation of learning.
• Outdoor-teaching didactics and theory
• The nature of an activity - didactic consequences
• Changing society - a challenge for sport pedagogy
• Motivation and the learning environment
• Play and creativity in sport

Learning Methods

Roughly 70 lectures spread over the academic year.
The course aims to promote interest in the subject and an inquiring attitude towards both the profession and society. The student will gain knowledge by relating new experiences to those which he/she has acquired earlier. The course aims to create an active learning environment in which an inquiring attitude and learning are of primary importance. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, and participation in the student group is therefore important in achieving this aim.
The course alternates between lectures, student presentations, debates/cases and group work.

Assessment Methods

A three-day written individual graded take-home examination, graded mark.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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