Administration of Sport and Outdoor Activities 1021

Course Objectives

This course provides students with knowledge of important sports-policy themes, and of how sport and outdoor activities are organised within the public sector, sport organisations and businesses involved in this field.

Course Description

The course will familiarise students with the leading organisations and institutions in Norway involved in physical education, sports and outdoor activities. Administrative procedures are an important topic of the course. Students will be given responsibility for the planning, organising and practical administration of a sports event, such as a soccer tournament, a track and field meeting, winter-week activities for foreign students or an obstacle-course competition etc.

Course themes may include:

  • Public administration and cultural/sports policies
  • Procedural rules
  • Forms of public funding for sports and outdoor activities
  • The structure of sports and outdoor activity organisations and institutions
  • Sports viewed in the context of voluntary efforts
  • Sports considered in the context of the commercial marketplace
  • Planning, organisation and execution of various kinds of sporting events

Learning Methods

Roughly two hours of lectures per week spread over 2 semesters. Obligatory field trips, a sports-policy assignment, a study trip and organisation assignments.
The course consists mainly of lectures. Another important aspect of the course are the field trips to various locations where methods of administering sports and outdoor activities will be demonstrated. In addition, attendance at seminars of topical interest, such as sports-conferences, will be arranged. The course also includes student projects which focus on organising events, in-depth assignments, counselling and study trips. Emphasis is placed on active student participation in themed discussions and meetings.

Assessment Methods

In-depth study of a sports-policy topic selected by the student during the spring semester, with a subsequent oral examination. The two elements count equally in the calculation of the final mark.
In the case of re-sit examinations, the student need only sit the exam in which he/she received a failing grade.
Field trip reports: pass/fail. Sports arrangement report: pass/fail.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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