1031 Group Project

Course Objectives

Students will gain experience and skills in planning, executing and evaluating a major project for which they have chosen a theme to explore in depth. Working on this project will provide students with tangible sport-administrative experience. Through the project, students will establish contacts with various cooperative partners, and the intention is that these relationships will be maintained in future employment situations.
Students will acquire experience in establishing a team, delegating responsibility and tasks between team members, and establishing a project office.

Course Description

The project will involve themes of topical interest associated with the field of sports, physical education and activities and outdoor life, today and in the future, considered from a social sciences perspective. In carrying out the project, students will aim to develop nationwide cooperation with organisations, institutions and enterprises related to the theme which they have chosen. The project will also have an international, comparative perspective. For instance, students will participate in a study trip where the destination is chosen based on the theme of their project.

Learning Methods

Student projects, both individual efforts and as members of a team, guidance, lectures/study, study trips, field trips, seminars and written reports. The learning process extends through both the autumn and spring semesters.
The whole student group is responsible for the entire project: choice of theme, approaches, delegation of tasks and responsibilities within the team, organisation of cooperation with others, planning field trips, study trips abroad and the planning and execution of a seminar (the Telemark Conference). The result of the project work will be presented in the spring to the ‘employer’, as part of the seminar, and will also be documented in a written report.

Assessment Methods

Autumn semester: Submission of three portfolio assignments.
Spring semester: Submission of four portfolio assignments: a plan for the study trip, a plan for an open seminar, a report on the study trip and a report on the seminar. All of the portfolio assignments must be approved before students will be permitted to take the examination.
The group examination extends over 5 days, and consists of writing the ‘report’ from the group project in accordance to guidelines established by the university college. A common grade is given, ranging from A (top grade) to E (passed), and F for fail.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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