1033 Specialisation Assignment

Course Objectives

The learning process will provide students with an opportunity for an independent specialisation assignment on a subject/approach linked to one of the following courses: Sports Planning II, Organisation Theory and Leadership, or the Group Project.

Course Description

The specialisation assignment will normally concern themes associated with facilities, arrangements, organisation, economics, information or marketing. The choice of theme/approach of a problem should be linked to work carried out within an institution or organisation.
The topics selected in this course may also be related to the group project chosen by the students, thereby contributing to strengthening either the empirical or theoretical foundation of the group project.

Learning Methods

Lectures on project work, methods and practical approaches for organising the project, and guidance.
Student work, lectures/individual study and guidance by the course teacher or other counsellor named by the university college. The learning process will take place over both the autumn and spring semesters, but the in-depth studies are carried out in the autumn.

Assessment Methods

Autumn semester: Submission of portfolio assignment: proposed project, theory, method, literature and supervisor which must be approved by the course teacher/or guidance counsellor before the specialisation assignment may begin.
Spring semester: Submission of individual specialisation assignment, which counts for 100% of the marks for the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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