1037 Organisation Theory and Leadership II

Course Objectives

Students will acquire a basic understanding of organisation and leadership, enabling them to understand the challenges associated with administration and leadership in sports and outdoor activities.

Course Description

The students will receive an introduction to general organisational knowledge. The course looks at organisations and their relationship with the surroundings, effort-factors and results. There is also a focus on leadership theories, leadership qualities, communication and interaction. Various themes related to the individual, organisation and society will be discussed such as the conditions for voluntary work, democracy in sport, and sport’s role in a democracy. Policy, strategy and means in today’s sport organisations and institutions will also be focused on.

Learning Methods

40 hours of instruction during the autumn semester.
Student-work, supervision, lectures, seminars and field trips. .
Student work, guidance, lectures, seminars and fieldwork. Knowledge related to cases, processes and cases in relation to voluntary, public and private organisations and institutions. The themes focused on in this course will depend on which joint-project the students choose.

Assessment Methods

Three portfolios must be submitted to the course teacher before students are permitted to take the written examination.
A 5-hour individual written examination which counts for 100% of the final graded mark.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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