Outdoor Life Winter I 1213

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide students with an introduction to winter outdoor life. Students will acquire the basic skills and knowledge for winter outdoor activities.

Course Description

  • The importance of having enough energy in store when setting off on trips, choosing routes and destinations in keeping with one’s competence, choosing trip area according to ability, safety and goals
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own learning
  • Outings in the wild: laws and regulations; the importance of leaving no traces behind
  • Planning for longer winter trips: going on trips in groups; safety and guidelines for outings
  • Skiing skills, ski games
  • Clothes and equipment
  • Shelter and making camp in the winter forest: gapahuk (lean-to shelters) improvising a bivouac, winter campfire, building open fires
  • Shelter and making camp in the winter mountains: building and living in snow shelters, choice of campsite and making camp, tent, building various types of snow holes, bivouacs and igloos
  • Orientation and safe route choice
  • Knowledge of snow, snow avalanches, life-saving, transport of injured persons
  • Food and cooking equipment for winter use
  • Hygiene and first-aid in connection with winter forests/mountains
  • Weather and weather signs
  • Outdoor life in forests and mountains in the winter: history and development
  • Winter outdoor life today: activities, extent and pattern
  • Challenges within management: development of leisure cabin building, scooter routes, and ski-trails
  • Didactics: trip guidelines, procedures, organisation, working methods, management and leadership

Learning Methods

Instruction is given during the spring and autumn semesters. The course includes lectures, group work, and practical / problem-oriented guidance in connection with the trips in the various nature environments. The trips are obligatory and consist of 13 days with a guide and 7 days on an individual trip.
NB! All introductions to trips and group work concerning planning are obligatory.

Assessment Methods

Graded oral examination. Before students are permitted to take the examination, they must first have their portfolios approved, and have participated on obligatory group and individual trips.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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