Arts Communication 209

Course Objectives

The course provides students with knowledge and insight into the role of art in Norway today, and into conditions and challenges concerning the promotion of visual expression, particularly contemporary art. This course is relevant for students who plan to work in managing and promoting the arts in Norway.

Course Description

This specialisation course is based on 3302 Art and Cultural History and comprises the following topics:

Art in Norway today:

  • Principal arts institutions and organisations in Norway
  • Public administrative guidelines

Mediation and promotion of the arts (arenas and instruments):

  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Art in public places and spaces
  • Mediation and promotion using various media
  • Challenges and problems in the field of mediation and facilitation of the arts

Viewing, experiencing and interpreting art (with particular emphasis on visual art expression, i.e. painting, sculptures, photography, conceptual art, installation, video, handicrafts etc):

  • Important trends and themes in contemporary art
  • Various ways of approaching art

Learning Methods

Lectures and seminars/exhibition projects spread over 2 semesters, study trips, presentation of written work for approval and oral exercises.
There is a minimum 80% attendance requirement for the seminar/project (which has its own timetable). If students are absent for more than 20% of the meetings, they will be orally examined on the course curriculum texts. Attendance on all of the joint study trips is obligatory for all students. Students who do not participate must write a report which covers the subject material of the study trip. Students are not required to attend all lectures, but regular attendance is recommended.

Assessment Methods

Obligatory written paper which counts for 40 % of the final grade. Written individual 5-hour examination which counts for 60 %. Graded marks. Students must receive passing marks in both the paper and the final examination in order to achieve a final passing mark for the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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