H366 Master’s Thesis, Cultural Studies

Course Objectives

The process of writing a Master’s thesis will provide students with insight into cultural studies research methods, and they will gain experience from using such methods independently in completing a specific project.

Course Description

The Master’s Thesis must have an interdisciplinary topic. This will emerge from the choice of themes or courses that are suitable for an interdisciplinary programme, i.e. which may be studied from two different subject perspectives. The Master’s Thesis may build on themes and problems from the introductory course or one of the specialisation courses.

Learning Methods

Each student will receive a specified amount of supervision while he/she is working on the thesis. Thesis seminars will be held and students will have to submit obligatory written and oral presentations every semester. Students will choose (or be given) thesis topics and write project descriptions which must be submitted before 15th February during the first year of the study. The project description and the thesis topic must be approved by the subject teacher prior to signing the supervision contract. Because the topic of the Master’s Thesis must be an interdisciplinary one, there will normally be two supervisors. The completed Master’s Thesis must be submitted 10th May during the second year of the programme. The submission dates after this date are 1st September and 10th January. Both the project description and the Master’s Thesis must be submitted and registered by the administration office (Faculty Office).

Assessment Methods

The submitted Master’s Thesis will be assessed. The grade may be adjusted after the obligatory oral examination.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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