P3307 Field Work and Report

Course Objectives

Students will acquire basic methodological and practical competence in organisation, process management, and evaluation in the cultural sector. Students will learn how to prepare and execute a fieldwork project in an organisation/institution in the public or private sector. On the basis of practical experience and collected data students will learn how to analyse the processes they have participated in, managed, or observed and present this in a written report.

Course Description

The course includes the following components:
Introduction to methods
From idea to practice; project description

Preparation for practical experience/field work

Field work/practical experience
From data to text; report writing
The relationship between theory and practice

There is no possibility of practical experience/field work where the student takes on an artistic role.

Learning Methods

Lectures, writing groups, individual (and possibly group-based) project description, field work/practical experience for a period of 6 weeks, and an analytical report will be required for this course. Students will have to pay their own individual expenses in connection with the fieldwork.

Assessment Methods

Project description (1-2 pages) and an analytical report (roughly 20 pages). The written report is given a graded mark. The grade will be posted. The grade may be adjusted after an oral presentation (open). Students must receive passing marks in all parts of the assessment in order to achieve a final passing mark for the course.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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