FM3006 Project

Course Objectives

The purpose of the project work is to give the students experience in practical project work in small groups (3-6 students).

Course Description

This is a course in practical project work, preferably in co-operation with industry, and in so far as possible of a cross disciplinary nature.

The assignments will normally be of a nature that requires use of knowledge from different subject areas, and the project groups can consist of students coming from different departments. Assignments can also be research related and be carried out within the different research groups in the departments. The assignments may necessitate that the students attain theoretical understanding within a specific subject field not covered in the ordinary courses. The work can be of theoretical, experimental, and/or practical nature. In some cases one single student can be allowed to carry out a project alone.

Learning Methods

The work is to be carried out in a team work situation as in a public or business organization. The students get an introduction to practical project work, and are expected to use this competence to carry out the project. Each group will be assigned a tutor from the college and a co-tutor preferably from industry. A reading list for self-tuition can be set up weighing no more than 1/3 of the project.

Assessment Methods

The results of the work shall be documented in a written report. Grades will be awarded based on the report and an oral presentation and examination of the work. If the group has a reading list, the examination can also include this material. Students must participate actively in the accomplishment of the project in order to be graded. The written report counts more towards the final grade than the presentation/examination of the work. Grades will be given on an individual basis. If different individual grades are awarded within a project group a justification is required.

If the group also has a special reading list, an examination in this sylabus will count towards the total grade relative to the weight of the reading list compared to the project work.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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