Scientific Theory, Research Methods and Research Ethics 981HEMN3

Course Objectives

Through instruction and working with scientific theory and research methods, students will acquire insight into the philosophical and methodological fundamentals of scientific research. Such knowledge is necessary in order to complete a higher degree programme. In scientific theory, students will gain understanding and basic knowledge of central scientific paradigms and approaches. The intention is that students will develop the ability to understand and reflect on the demands of scientific research, how knowledge is defined and how it is verified. In this way, they will be able to evaluate the premises for knowledge production, its limits and possibilities. This knowledge will also form a basis for launching and pursuing individual student research efforts, and will also facilitate critical reflection on the research of others. Through instruction in research techniques, students will acquire an understanding of the ethical standards which must be satisfied in the planning and execution of research projects. Students will also learn about qualitative and quantitative methods, including the interpretation and application of statistical material.

Course Description

The basic principles of scientific theory

Research methods – quantitative and qualitative methods

Research ethics

Assessment Methods

Major course unit code: 981HEMN3

Major course unit 3: Scientific Theory, Research Methods and Research Ethics

At the end of major course unit 3, students should be able to document an adequate understanding of scientific theory. Major course unit 3 will conclude with a 5-hour individual examination.

The examination results will be assigned letter grades. The grade from this examination will count for 10% of the final grade for the Master’s degree, and will be worth 15 ECTS.

The date of the examination will be announced at the start of the semester.

Project description for the Master’s-degree thesis.

In addition to passing the examination, the project description for the Master’s-degree thesis must be approved by the end of the second semester. The project description is obligatory, but will not be evaluated in relation to the grade or the ECTS.

On the basis of the project description, a supervisor will be named for the Master’s thesis.

The deadline for submitting the thesis will be specified at the start of the semester.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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