Cultural Analysis and Identity 981HEMN2

Course Objectives

In major course unit 2, students will acquire a theoretical understanding of the cultivation, socialisation and choices of the individual, as well as changes in potential and action radius.

Students will develop the ability to critically evaluate and analyse different problem-solving approaches associated with cultural diversity and the effects of preventative measures.

Further, students will learn about the importance of cultural analysis and cultural understanding. The insights gained from this study will help to strengthen students’ competence within cross-cultural communication. The goal is to enable them to apply such approaches to understanding the relationships between the health of children and adolescents, mastering and problems/behavioural problems, and their social and cultural backgrounds. The course will help students to develop their ability to critically evaluate and analyse their own and others’ conceptions of what the necessary requirements are for leading a healthy and meaningful life.

In addition, the course will improve the students’ ability to understand processes of change, and enable them to work on problems relating to the analysis of, and changes in, various organisations and organisation cultures. An understanding of innovation and guidance-counselling competence may also be significant elements in this field.

Course Description

Major course unit 2 focuses on cultural theory and identity formation as well as knowledge of different uses of the ‘culture’ concept — including themes such as children and adolescent’s culture. The course will also provide students with a theoretical foundation for applying cultural-analytical approaches to understanding health and illness, living conditions and growth environments for children and adolescents. These approaches will be associated with theories on modernity/globalisation in a society with increasing ethnic pluralism.

Central themes will include:

Culture theories

Theories on modernity, globalisation and the forming of identity

Dilemmas in a multicultural society

Assessment Methods

Major course unit code: 981HEMN2

Major course unit 2: Cultural Analysis and Identity

At the conclusion of major course unit 2, students will submit a written paper based on a group project on an independently chosen theme based on a subject covered in the course.

The assignment should be around 7500 words.

The assignment will be evaluated with a graded mark, and will count for 10% of the final grade and count for 15 ECTS.

The students choose their own groups. The group must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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