Databases II 5603

Course Objectives

The students will acquire an understanding of the fundaments of database technology, and acquire familiarity with both the development of various database solutions and the administration of multiple-user databases. The guiding principles and uses of both relational databases and object-oriented databases will be examined.

Course Description

The components of a database management system, fundamental storage systems and access methods, transaction management, simultaneous checking, inquiry optimisation, safety copying and recovery. Solutions for database applications: Client/server architecture and multi-level web solutions with programming in the database server, the applications server and the client. Storage procedures, active databases (triggers), program interfaces with embedded SQL. Distributed databases and object-relational databases. Semi-structured databases and XML. Decision-support systems and computer retailers.

Learning Methods

6 hours of lectures/exercises/guidance per week in the spring semester.

Assessment Methods

Two 1-hour, individual, written mid-term examinations and a 3-hour, individual, written final examination. The mid-term examination counts for 40 % of the final grade, and the final examination counts for 60 %. Obligatory assignments must be completed and approved before the student is permitted to sit the final examination. All parts of the assessment must receive passing marks.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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