Object-based Programming 5609

Course Objectives

The course will provide a thorough introduction to object-oriented programming. Students will become acquainted with the most important constructions in an object-oriented programming language and will learn to use object-oriented methods to solve practical problems.

Course Description

Classes and objects. Methods and messages. Encapsulation and abstract data types. Object-oriented analysis and design. Inheritance, interface, polymorphy. Class library. Graphic user interface and event-triggered programming. Techniques for multi-layer architectures, e.g. client servers.

Learning Methods

6-7 hours of lectures, exercises and guidance per week in the autumn semester.

Assessment Methods

Two 1-hour individual, written mid-term examinations and an individual, 3-hour written final examination. The mid-term examination counts for 40% of the final grade, and the final examination for 60%. Obligatory assignments submitted during the course must be approved before the student may be permitted to sit the final examination. All parts of the assessment must receive passing marks.

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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